Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I was so excited because I am flying home to The Adored One for Mother's Day, got a whole week off, going to paint the Living Room, relax on the patio, etc, etc. I'm flying out Thursday. It's been planned since January. Only, somehow I booked the flight for Friday, on a crammed commuter flight out of a tiny aeroport. Son of a Porcupine! And of course, I had a ride all planned, so I wouldn't have to pay 10 days of aeroport parking, except, she's not working on Friday. Sigh. Why is my freezer an Ice Cream Free zone?

On a brighter note:

They're finished! I dyed the yarn using Jacquard dyes and Knitpicks Bare. The *self striping* came out okay for just winging it. The colours seem a bit odd until you lay them against jeans. I was concerned that perhaps I had underestimated the amount (the scale bit the dust) and so I made the heels in a different colour (also dyed by Moi). And finished with just the right amount that I could have made the whole bleedin sock. But Finished beats not, eh?


ChelleC said...

I'm sorry to hear about your slightly askew travel plans. But I'm sure you'll be glad to be back home!

The socks are darling. I like the blue solid heel so much better than a plain old boring sock. Darling! They will look just darling with jeans.

Jennifer said...

The socks are so cute!

Travel always seems to involve craziness. Enjoy even with the snags.

Karen said...

I like the contrasting heels. And you did a great job with the striping for just winging it.

Amy said...

Oh I love your socks. I wish I were brave enough to try dying with real dye and not just kool aid :)