Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oy Gevalt!

So I know my lifestyle is well, not weird, but not Go-d Houseke-ping either. But even for me yesterday was a topper.

Let's go back a pace, I got up 130am EST Saturday, loaded my vehicle and took off around 3am. Since it was a 16 hour trip, I figured the 40 minutes of detour it would take to get to The Fold was a mere drop in the bucket. I am blaming my purchase on lack of bloodflow to my hiney. (It was one skein of Twisted in Metamorphic. I'm thinking a Ribwarmer. I really love my other one.)
So I pulled in late Saturday. Got up Sunday and unloaded the car. 10 months worth of living piled on the Living Room Floor. Said pile is complicated by the fact that some is staying, some is going to the next place (St. Louis!), and some needs to be steamed and packed for my Much Needed Vacation. Sigh.
Monday was an admin day. The stylist, oil change, rotation, interviews for jobs, bank, yadda yadda.
So Tueday was for Packing Rotation. Got up at 530. Roofers came at 8. (traumatic for the dogs) Fireplace man came at 10:30. 10:47 Phone's The Adored One. He and a News Camera Crew are meeting in the house at 1:00 to film a piece on air hazards in home. In The Living Room. The fireplace man may have thought it was funny because I hung up, muttered "I look terrible in black, so widowhood is out." and started schlepping, dusting, vaccuuming with a feverish intensity.

TAO called about 12:20, I told him I wasn't speaking to him, and he said "I'm just on my way home." Great. He gets here, and instead of vaccuuming, he climbs up on the roof with the roofers. Not wishing to go outside and exercise my Eastern European roots by shrieking like a fish wife, I calmly call his cell phone, tell him he "will come back in the house, eat his lunch because I've burned it twice, and change for his interview....Now!"

The interview went okay, I think. The dogs and I hid in the basement. (Unfortunately one expressed his displeasure over this on the carpet.) I had just cleaned that up when here comes the camera crew to film the furnace room. Now remember, the whole time...bang bang bang...the sounds of 11K on the roof. Quite overwhelming.

We did not get to see the broadcast because the roofers took off the cable to roof, and didn't put it back on. Hee Hee Hee. I'm kinda of glad for that, I didn't want to listen to TAO dissect it all night. Shush, don't tell. Tonight will be soon enough.

I did manage to finish my STR Pebble Beach Socks before leaving Buffalo, and the proof is in the pictures.


Jennifer said...

Things have been so busy for you! I hope things calm down soon and that you can get the vacation soon!

Shelly in Omaha said...

Oy Gevalt is right! Makes you appreciate leaving again after a week, or should I say a few days of that. is amazing how intelligent men can become braindead in just a few minutes. Oh well the socks are cute and you and TAO will have a wonderful time on your vacation. Best wishes.

ChelleC said...

St. Louis. Are you kidding? We WILL get to meet then. I live so close, a mere hop across the wonderful state of Missouri. And since my husband is from there, it's wouldn't be hard to justify a trip.

Oh yeah, the socks are lovely.