Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thank goodness for Spinning

Any new assignment is filled with a week or two of adjustments. About this workplace I will say only...I understand the turnover rate. About the housing I will say...designed for Americans to watch TV. There is more lighting provided by the parking lot lights overflow than is installed in the apartment. Hence why I travel with a floor lamp. I prescribed spinning for stress relief and received much enjoyment from just looking at this: They are rolags done from Finn Top I picked up at SOAR. I plan to attempt woolen spinning of the 4 ozs, then three ply them and knit socks from the toe up. For Me. I say attempt woolen because although Carol Rhoades was a stunning teacher of woolen spinning my control driven personality keeps trying to spin all the air out of the yarn and to smooth it with my fingers. I still really enjoy it though.

The whole rolag making experience was enhanced by these Cotton Cards which are so much better than the cards that I used in class. And the Cards are more than just dog brushes from the Inquisition because they have a little bit of love attached. When I came home the first day of classes very frustrated because the materials list did not specify that you needed a Certain Type of Hand Cards, The Adored One listened very carefully. Then listened to two more days of comments as the other gracious ladies in the class let me try their different brands. So when I made up my mind what kind I planned to buy someday he snuck into the off limits Vendor hall where the great ladies of Mielkes were setting up and negotiated to buy the only set they had. Guess I'd better get hopping on finishing his Lopi zip up cardigan, eh? I'm trapped in the black hole part of the sleeve knitting. I decided to do both at the same time so they would be identical but that is so much slower than just cruising along on DPNs. I spend a lot of time fiddle faddling around with needles and positioning. Also...2 sleeves...not portable.

If I can finagle it I may skittle off to the Weavers Guild Sale. The website talks mostly about finished items, but the lady who told me about the sale said there would be fibers and tools and yarn. Free to get in. Perhaps not free to get out though.


Karen said...

Are you working at my workplace and I don't know it? ;)

I do the same thing when I spin... squeeze all the air from it. The fiber is gorgeous.

ChelleC said...

I hope you stay there long enough so that I can come visit you!!!!!

Glad the spinning is helping you cope. I say ANY coping tool is a good thing.