Friday, October 19, 2007

SOAR with only a tiny thud.

A good time was had at SOAR. I took the handcarding and woolen class with Carol Rhoades. If I ever go again I plan to take the Spinning 201. The class was not only educational, but also fun. (unlike another class present, we were alcohol free though) We learned a very cool technique that makes striped rolags that spin up into self striping yarn. And how to knit with unspun roving drafted out from rolags.

The speakers in the evening events made potentially dry topics very interesting and even made me want to learn more.

We had gone out to dinner Wednesday night at a sweet little bistro when Kaffe Fassett walked through the door, with Brandon Mably. TAO says that I squeaked and Pointed in a very obvious manner. I am not denying that. Wednesday night dinner was made a little less shiny by a photo we had taken by the manager of the restuarant. Let's just say that if I send it to the family, they'll ask about Grandchildren and due dates. I mean, I look about 7 months pregnant. See, that's the down side to traveling, no one knows you well enough to say "You are turning into a fat sow. Knock it off."

I drown my sorrow at that picture by lining up for the SOAR market so I was the fifth through the door when it opened. I was swept up in the frenzy and scored R'N'R Polworth Roving in a combed format. Gorgeous, glorious colours. I admit that if I had known what it would cost before I got through the line, I might not have picked it up. Not sorry now though. I know just how I want to Spin it and the Patternit will grow up to be.

TAO picked up a lovely swift and Louet Cotton Cards as an Anniversary Gift for me. (all together now, awwwh). I'm so easy to love and live with when I'm far far away.

I also decided to try spindle spinning again but with a Supported Spindle from Royal Hare. It sits nicely on the counter and I can keep my hands at waist level to work instead of reaching above my head or attempting Stupid Yarn Tricks.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad you had a great time! Kaffe Fassett! I would have squeaked too.

Shelly in Omaha said...

Welcome home! I sounds like it was a swell time at SOAR. Missed you much.

ChelleC said...

Hey you are back! Welcome home, we missed you. I can't believe Kaffe Kassett was there. And I heard rumor that Clara Parkes was on hand, and did you get to see her new book yet?

That was so sweet of TAO to get you a spinning anniverary. Gift - it's a card? You'll have to explain more about that to the non-spinners among us.