Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election recap.

After a week filled with days of interesting behaviour models demonstrated in their natural environment, allergic reaction to the Flu Shot, and nights filled with nightmares (car crash, stalker, fire, sudden death) I decided to spend the time and money and drive home to be healed by The Adored One. Was it a prudent use of time and fundage? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

I got very little knitting done for many other reasons. I spend some of my home time fondling the stash, telling myself lies and, ignoring Enough. I knit 4 feet of a gift scarf, unraveled it and have most of it's new incarnation done. I started the Ribwarmer in my Blue Moon Twisted, it striped and puddled very unattractively so I reballed it. The holiday gift purchasing was wrapped up by a supplemental gift card and grafting the tips of these mittens:

They are made with Palette and are planned as dog walking mittens for my best friend whose dog is like other people's children. The band design and construction are from
Komi Mittens but I opted to change the finger patterning into something that could be crammed into a pocket, pulled out and carried on with, chartless. I used them as a tension experiment in that in one mitten the tidepool colour is carried on the bottom and on the other mitten the natural is the bottom colour. It doesn't show much in the photos but it truly makes a difference in hue dominance. I can see it, but no non knitter has seen it, even when pointed out so I don't think she'll notice. And even if she did, she'd never say anything to me.

So that leaves the insertion of the photos into the calendar and the posting of parcels left, and the holiday cr-p is done.


tina said...

Did you just say that you are finished with holiday knitting??? Say it ain't so!!!!!!!!!!! ACK!

JessaLu said...

Nice mittens!! I can't believe you're done already!

Shelly in Omaha said...

Your mitties are fabulous! But what else would I expect from such a marvelous knitter. I can only dream to aspire to be as good as you. Well done!

ChelleC said...

Hi, Elysbeth. Did you say an allergic reaction to a flu shot. Ohh, scary. Hope everything is fine now. I think you made a good decision to go home and get some comfort from The Adored One.

Sorry about the 4 feet of ripped scarf giftage - but glad you're making headway with that.

Also, the mittens are really, really cute! How do you knit so fast, so well and without screaming when you have to rip a good amount of fabric.

Jennifer said...

The mittens are so pretty! It sounds like a trip home was just the thing.