Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kindly talk me off the Ledge.

I have this great hand spun in Biscotti that I got from Susan. I had spun it up and divided it for socks for The Adored One. I started knitting these and no offense there TAO but this is too colourful for you. It would however be lovely as a FlowerBasket shawl. Someone please intervene before I cast on another Non Portable project. Evil Evil Temptation thy name is Knitting.

Being of course, the Traveling Knitter, I engaged in Knitting Tourism and hit some new yarn stores. I managed to buy very little by looking at my list of UFOs before entering each store.

I went to one store that will remain anonymous chiefly because...well...I don't recommend it. It's hours are advertised as opening at 10am. I got there around 10:20. I go to the door. Locked. Written on the store hours it says "10-ish". What is That? So I walk around the store looking in the windows. Dark, dead plants, cobwebs, dirt-not dust-dirt. I think to myself "Maybe the Owner died." So I walk back to my car and am looking at the phone book and map deciding my next steps when a car pulls up, parks, out gets a lady and goes to the store. Hmmn. I wait about 10 minutes, get out, and find her waiting at the door. She wants to know if the store went out of business. We laugh and head back to our cars. comes the shop owner. She opens up. Very friendly, helpful, nice. But there's dog poop on the floor, and I was afraid to buy yarn because of M-ths. I did pick up a slightly battered copy of Knitted Lace Workshop for cover price. And if you are looking for an 80s knitting book, good chance she'll have it.

I went to Kirkwood Knittery. Nice selection. Very friendly ladies. I would go to stitch nights there if it wasn't so far away. The samples were generally elaborate and amazing.

And, within vigourous walking distance, Knitty Couture. Gracious, Zen clean simplicity. I did buy some Merino Silk Top in Glacial Green, which is much nicer than the website shows. More of a pale celery. I am spinning singles which two ply into just under sportweight. I could see myself walking to this store, sitting for a while, and walking back. There's some Horizon Merino that might need re-visiting.


Jennifer said...

There was dog poop on the floor? Ugh, not a good impression for the customers. Sounds like you found some other very nice shops though.

ChelleC said...

I am glad you are feeling the love for that yarn - but a shawl? While I would love to see you knit another shawl . . . you also need something portable. Ah, nag, nag, nag.

Could you perhaps buy or spin some grey masculine yarn for TAO and perhaps consider knitting him those lovely masculine socks that Yarn Harlot knit for her hubby a couple of months ago? I think she was providing the pattern on her site. You could make it in another color if you don't like the grey she was using. I think she called them "Earl Grey" socks if I recall. Hmmm.