Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday Knits

The disclaimers: First - I did not invent this design. I stole it from something I saw in Nordstrom's five or six years ago. The original was also in cheap acrylic and was $90.00 (yes, US dollars). Second - the wrap pictured is about 5 years old with some hard wear. It has been schlepped around the country. Wrapped around objects for moving. Hung off endless sofa arms. Machine washed and dried, and otherwise mistreated. Third - someday I will buy upscale yarn and make this again.

After seeing this in Nordstrom's I used 3 skeins of Homespun Waterfall and size 17 needles to make my own. The yarn is doubled throughout. You can see where this would be a very fast knit, easily completed for a December deadline.
The basic premise is a wide rectangle in 2x2 rib. Mine is about 10 inches unstretched. Knit the length of a wingspan or about 6 inches more if the person is heavyset. Bind off. Pick up an equal number of stitches centered on the length and knit down from here in 2x2 rib. Again mine is about 10 inches, but I am short waisted. Bind off. Toss around shoulders and either wear open as a wrap that keeps the lower part of your back warm, or pin closed and have a snuggly warm torso. It also works under a coat as a bulky scarf that provides a little extra warmth for the back. The hue of Homespun that I used has wide bands of colours in it. So I did take the time at the beginning to match up colour segments so that even though it was double standed it maintained those light and dark areas.


Jennifer said...

Ooo, I really like it! It looks very warm and snuggly.

ChelleC said...

Nice project for the beginning of winter. I bet you'll really use it during this time of year.