Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Begin as you mean to go on.

There are many interesting superstitions regarding the secular New Year. Among them is one that deals with setting the tone for the year. So on that note I allotted time for the seaming, finish knitting, and weaving in of Lillian.

At the moment I am glad this is a Spring sweater, because I currently think it looks like something they made the page wear in a cheap production of Camelot. And there were numerous errors in the pattern, and a spot of poor planning in which the sweater is offered in Small and Medium but only has one size sleeve. Most bipedal mammals that I know have arm sizes proportional to their torso, so bigger torso would lead to the thought...bigger arms. Oh well, I needed to firm those up anyway.

The yarn is Ole from StahlWolle a Pima and Merino blend. It's stash yarn from ??2000?!? and looking at the Web doesn't seem to be available anymore. Which is a shame because the yarn was the best part of this project. Springy, soft, not alot of pilling. Perhaps I should resolve to write the year on yarn labels from now on.

The pattern (in Medium) called for 10 25g balls of Laines du Nord Royal Cashmere for a total of 820 yards, But I did it for less than 690 yards, including extra rows for Superhero Boob Masks. Given that the suggested yarn retails at $19.95 american dollars a ball, I would hope that your LYS would take back the 2 extra that wouldn't be needed.

Long story short - done. Like it, but not enough to make again. Now I'm off to enjoy the superstition that says NOT to do laundry on the New Year.


tina said...

Great job! Surely this will set the tone on a wildly productive knitterly new year!

And I hope you also gave due consideration to the rule not to cook or clean today as well! :)

Jennifer said...

I think it's a very pretty sweater! Perhaps it'll be just the thing this spring. You're off to a good start to the new year.

ChelleC said...

I think that sweater is lovely. You're right, it looks like a great spring addition to the wardrobe. See, you have a headstart on spring knitware.

Shellt in Omaha said...

Oh my gosh, that sweater is fabulous! Once again you amaze me in your abilities, and such a fum color choice. I am in awe!