Friday, February 15, 2008

Going dark for a while

Well, I will be sans internet for 2 weeks. Y'all don't forget about me out there, okay?

In terms of Ravelry groups goals I am doing well for the February socks, but will finish the Stash Knit Down 2008 Mile with only .93 miles done. Not as productive as I thought I am. Still it was fun playing.

I'm off to bed. I have to drive 14 hours, but be someplace by 2pm. So it will be middle of the night driving. I plan to hit the caffeine and sugar at regular intervals. Since caffeine is not one of my regular indulgences, I get goo-oood buzzes off it.


Jennifer said...

Have a safe drive!

ChelleC said...

Hey, I really will miss you! You be safe and tell us about it later. Hope this is a great trip.

Karen said...

Have a safe trip!