Friday, February 01, 2008

We were never here

Wave hands like Jedi

Apparently I have been in a funk lately. This has gone unrecognized until today. I have painted walls and ceilings. (Ow Rhomboids) Cleaned the basement, snowthrown, filled bird feeders, run errands, swapped yarns, and knit. Does that sound like a funk? No....but upon further consideration of the symptoms we begin to recognise the signs.

I knit Carmela 8 from the Adrienne Vittadini fall 2002. It's a cable trimmed wrap cardigan, hitting just below the hips. Yes, I knit the whole thing. The Azaleas are in the picture because they are far more interesting than the sweater. I was laying it out today for seaming and suddenly realised that if I wanted a plain vanilla sweater I could have purchased one at TJM-xx for less than the cost of the yarn. Heck, if I were going to wear something this boring I would wear my sherpa lined zip sweatshirt with pockets and be snuggly.

Instead of knitting miles of stockinette I could have been finishing any number of UFOs. But I got a bad case of startitis and cast this on, and just kept going. Sad, sad, sad. And nary a knitter around to ask "What the H-ll?!?"

So now I am going to frog this sad classic and knit something with a little Zing.


Jennifer said...

Ooo, I like that Kimono sweater! Sometimes plain knitting is soothing. I prefer to think that you needed the mind cleansing nature of the stockinette, but now you're ready for some flair.

ChelleC said...

Yeah, Jennifer is right. You did it for therapy. We all need some boring meditative stockinette sometimes.