Sunday, February 24, 2008

What's a knitter to do?

So of course, being the Traveling Knitter, when I got a day off in Pittsburgh I had to have a shop hop. 4 stores of yarny goodness. All with very different flavours and personalities.

I did really well...3 shops - no yarn. But then I had "a bit of a fall down" in the last one. 2 skeins of claudia handpaint to finish a pair of socks. Why 2 skeins to finish? Because if I got the yarn home and it didn't match I wanted enough to make a pair right?

I did score some books though. Let's see...Knitting Ganseys, Stahmans Shawls, Fanciful hats(admittedly as an investment) and Mostly Mittens, which I was very happy to see because I wanted to make another pair and am NoWhere Near the Buffalo library.

The fall down would have been bigger by 100% (4 skeins instead of 2) except that I happened to ask if they had a sample knit. Nope but the store owner looked online, without much success, for a sample. Then...Ravelry....Yay! Ick, this yarn canstayrighthere thankyouverymuch.

I get internet in another week and while I foresee this job being so busy and traffic so bad that little knitting gets done I look forward to being able to read blogs again.

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