Monday, March 23, 2009

Bang Bang....

Drive by blog post.

Someone pointed out that I haven't posted to the blog lately. Eyup, that would be true.
Primarily because I try to keep this a knitting blog (try) and life has been full of tedious, tiresome non-knitting things. What knitting I have done seems to have consisted primarily of reknitting the same 150 yds 4 times. Namely yards 750 to 900 of the 1100 total in the project. So there will be finished project before the temps break the 50s, but it's gonna be close.

One non tiresome thing I did accomplish was watching Planet Earth disc one. This is amazing. File under "Must See". When you watch it, in the first episode "From Pole to Pole" at the 22 minute mark there is a segment about the Birds of Paradise and their mating dances. I laughed so hard, it just really cheers you up. I even found myself thinking of this bird, polishing a branch, at work and smiling.

Knitting wise, I got a new toy. Excuse me, I actually got a new phone because TAO...well, let's not delve too deeply. But I got the Touch Pro, and while I can't make it do all the sundry things it's supposed to do (yet), I did learn how to store a PDF knitting pattern on it for easy reference, and the photo shows my Cloche pattern in use. I have also mastered the keeping of my Ravelry Stash Excel on it, and listening to audiobooks through it. All of which is knitting related, of course.

Hope all of you are healthy and well. I'm off to do more non knitting things.


ChelleC said...

Well, it's wonderful hearing from you again! I don't care what you write about, it's always entertaining. Life is full of nonknitterly things sometimes, and that's okay too.

Kim said...

It is always nice to read a post from you. I love the gadget, but detailing it's ability to help with my knitting is not going to distract me...I don't want one, I don't want one, I don't want one....(yeah, right)