Sunday, March 01, 2009

March to the Finish

Over on the Stash and Burn boards of Ravelry we're doing March to the Finish. Picking up those projects that fell to wayside during the holiday frenzy to finish gifts, perform bookkeeping, and tax time. One thing that will not be "marching" anywhere, (except a corner) are these socks.

This yarn has been cast on 6 different times, 5 as socks, once as a scarf. It's been queued as being owned by multiple people, but only one person as yet has finished anything, which were indeed swirly socks. So I have cast it aside in favour of well behaved projects, hoping that I will come across whatever will unlock it's inner colour vision. Perhaps the "Chevron Scarf"?

1 comment:

ChelleC said...

Ha! That is funny. That yarn has had more lives than a cat.

Most of my yarn stash is just sitting around hoping for ONE turn on the needles, but this, ah lucky yarn.