Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My plate, life, the needles, hard-drive, everything but the petrol tank.

I'm not complaining. This "Whoof, don't add one more thing" feeling, gave me the impetus to book a vacation. 233 days from now TAO and I will be getting on a plane and vacating for an entire week! Already booked the lodging, plane, parking, car ~ all we need is a house/dog sitter; anyone ever felt the driving need to relax in Wisconsin for a week? (to save you the math, that would be in March) March is not known as being the best month to live in Wisconsin. So it's the perfect time for a housesitter to relax in front of the fire, drinking hot toddies, and watching the big screen HD, or rifling my stash.

We're going to Sedona AZ. About 10-12 years ago I told TAO "I really want to go to Sedona someday". "Where's that?" "Arizona, high desert country" "Why?" "Absolutely no idea, but I really want to go." "Okay, someday".

Well, of course, everytime we discussed going something came up. Job crisis, his surgery, my surgery, major move...always something. Then I got angry. And decided that as I am the type of person who hates to waste money (just ask TAO, he hangs up if he calls and I say I'm doing the budget); I would go ahead and Do It. So we may be deaf, blind, on one leg and pushing an IV pole through airport security but we're going.

TAO claims that we can't go "because you'll go, fall in love with it, come back sell the house, and I'm too tired to move the stuff outta the basement." I told him he watches too much TV, his imagination has run away with him.

Let's hope it goes better than our previous vacation disasters.


tina said...

Yay, make the time to vacay!! I agree completely! You will LOVE Sedona, absolutely love it. More than anything it is just so important to take control and go for it. Wish I were closer, I'd love to come house/dog sit for you!

ChelleC said...

oh my gosh, E did something impetuous? That's wonderful!!! And different. And refreshing. And yoou SO need it. I can feel the need for it vibrating through your post. May you and TAO enjoy your vacation. And actually Wisconsin is one place I love, not sure how I'd fare with it in March, but hmmmmm.