Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's a lonely Roadside

In the distant past some of you may remember by struggles with Roadside Gerry and it's flashing, pooling, puddling that drove me bonkers and ruined the lovely colours for me. I even considered putting it on the Trade Page in Ravelry. Eventually I realized that Roadside was lonely and bought it a nice friend called Arauchania Ranco in Coffee.

My eye can still see a swirl that breaks the orange/yellow and the green/blue but because the Coffee yarn has hues that match Roadside, it all works together harmoniously. And, really, isn't that what happens in all the best relationships?


ChelleC said...

Wow I LOVE these socks! Perfect solution. And coffee? Yum. Great solution you came up with.

ChelleC said...

Are you going to the Spring Fling that Loopy Ewe puts on? I can't afford to go and they have that lottery system of picking attendees, but it sure sounds fun!

I love the way you photograph your knitting with your Loopy guy. I love the one you sent me. : )