Monday, March 29, 2010

On the Whiteboard

As some of you may know TAO and I have had a rocky history when it comes to vacations.

For about 12 years we've been saying "someday we're going to Sedona" but never gone because every year something comes up. So last July I got well, frankly, pissed, called TAO, told to put in for the time off, as we were going in March 2010. Booked the tickets, car, lodging, train, savings fund, etc etc.

And we didn't get to go, so we re-booked it. Then Midwest Airlines sent a notice "that flight is cancelled" "please rebook your flight". Actually what they did was cancel our cheap ticket. There is still the Exact Same Flight flying out - same #, same gate, same times but the tickets are now $400 more each. (insert nifty british swearword here). And, of course, customer service is designed that you give up and go away. We are now experiencing call wait times of 45 minutes. Our email system is experiencing heavy usage, it may be 3 weeks for a response, if you would like to remain on the list please reply. I know this because they cancelled the tickets but did not refund the money, because they were certain I would want it credited toward a different ticket. yeah, no.

Back to the Whiteboard. I came across a sock pattern titled Sedona. Which comes with a tale - shortly after the designer wrote it she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and a group of people decided to knit the pattern while praying for her. I promptly bought the pattern.

Then I saw that J. Knits has an Arizona colourway. So I ordered it from an online store, which took a week to bill me, has never contacted me, and as yet no yarn. Did a yarn search and found 2 other dyejobs that didn't warm my cockles.

A couple of weeks later I had a bit of an ear prick up when I heard someone mention on a podcast that they had scored yarn at StitchesWest in the Sedona colourway. And lo! It was from a dyer I lurve Lisa Souza. Small yarn in that colorway available. Oh but wait - custom order. insert waffling for 3 weeks here. I drove TAO nuts-he finally exclaimed in exasperation "why the h-ll haven't you ordered it yet?!?"

I now have an email saying "You are on the Whiteboard, I'll email when it ships." Yippee! - now I just need plane tickets.

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ChelleC said...

Ah!!! I can't believe the bad luck you've had on getting that vacation. Shesh. I'm afraid many organizations these days, especially airlines, have customer NO service rather than customer service.

I love that Sedona colorway. Can we still get the sock pattern? I'll check Ravelry.