Friday, May 14, 2010

In which I lie to myself

I cast on these toe up socks, knowing that there would be pooling, swirling,
whatever, but I told myself
“let the colours fall where they may; it doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the yarn.” Knit basic socks and save the semi-solids for the really complicated stuff.
And it was true for a while, then my eye noticed the little swirl stripes. Arrgh. Stripes. But I spoke sternly to myself…”Let it go. Look how pretty.” And it was true. Very pretty. People commented on how pretty.

There was the usual rude interruption of the patterning while the gusset increases occurred and then the swirls started up again. But when I began the leg patterning. Bam! Pooling. Arrgh.
“Keep knitting, let the colours fall where they may; it doesn’t matter. Still Pretty.”
But…it does matter. That ‘s the part I see when I sit down. Now I find myself planning elaborate maneuvers to bring back the symmetry. The same symmetry that was the death knoll for the Roadside Gerry.
Sheech…no pleasing me, eh? And what if the second ball doesn’t play along?


tina said...

HOWLING!!!!!!!!! I do the same thing to myself (with socks and other)----- it is all a big old lie of course, we say "It doesn't matter", which is just code for of course it matters and after I have repeatedly lied to myself over this project I will be pissed at same self for allowing this to happen!

I for one, LOVE the socks. they're wonderful------ wonderful!

melanie said...

Amazing what a difference a little patterning will do to the color layout of yarn...

Sometimes I thought you were too harsh on yourself with the pooling thing, but you proved your point with this one!

Each part of the sock is beautiful - alone - but if it were me...I'd be a froggin'

ChelleC said...

Ah, it must be an obsessive neurosis - the pooling thing driving us crazy. Do all sick knitters have it? I know I do.

ChelleC said...

I said "sick knitters" and meant "sock knitters" - but maybe that was a Freudian slip and I really meant what I first said? Aggh, who knows.