Wednesday, May 26, 2010

.25mm makes the pool deep

In these “hard economic times” we all have to be frugal, so frogging a sock leg and reknitting is a money saver. Plus Le Picky Picky struck.

For the technically inclined…the foot is knit on 2.25 mm at 48 st rounds. (I am a loose knitter, your mileage may vary.) You can see the swirls as the gusset stitches are incorporated, then I returned to 48 for the first few inches of the leg. I wanted the part I see between the shoe and the pant cuff to be in the stripe pattern.
Then, because I am lusciously designed, I went up to 2.50 mm for the calf portion. Ending with 2.75 mm for the ribbing.

The base pattern is Wendy D. Johnson’s basic gusset heel sock. The leg pattern is the stitch pattern used in the Hermione’s Everyday socks pattern. Which was brought to my attention by Round the Twist.

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ChelleC said...

Yeah a little deep in the pool there. Hmmmm. I am glad I wear short socks!