Monday, May 03, 2010


I survived the experience labelled "Maryland Sheep & Wool 2010". It pretty much lived up/down to my expectations.

I mostly kept my spending under control. I did buy fair food - which I had packed a lunch to avoid, but gave in. And really....$9.00 for a sandwich? Ridiculous. And a pattern (Milkweed) that was in my Rav Fav's but the sample made it a "must have." The other unplanned spending? Long story.

I bought a mint plant because one of my favourite summer time drinks is limeade with mint leaves.
A pair of sheepskin slippers - made in the USA by a shepherd; to replace my 2007 pair of slippers that died a sad toe death (that cost more money/made in china). I specifically wanted US made.
I went early and walked through all the booths on my list
Before I bought anything. I only bought 2 skeins of yarn. Both with enough yardage to be small shawls or in the case of the 3 Irish Girls perhaps socks. I picked up Miss Babs "Yummy" - A day at Sunflower festival; and 3 Irish Girls "Beckon" - Nora. (That's the rainbow sprinkles with chocolate colourway, which will either be A-mazing, or Ugh!)
I went to the big Saturday Podcaster's meet up. Glad I took my knitting. You will not be tormented with the photo of me with Jasmin & Gigi - it was 90F+ and I forgot to take off my hat, glasses, sunshirt. Even I am too vain to post that photo. As always at MDSW - I met Great People in the lines. Really. Truthfully.
The lesson from 2007 about getting there early so I could get to my car easily paid off big time. I went back to the shade/ice chest many times.
After that I meet my roomie, who was Not Having A Good Morning. And the fact that she was Frazzled actually made me calmer.
I picked up 8 ounces of undyed Borderdale fiber for spinning. It was cheap enough that I felt like I could get it just for the experience.
Ordered my big ticket item - more on that later.
Met up with my Rav Friends. Ooodles of fun. It was great to have faces to put with the Ravatars.
Finally left, thinking a shower and nap were called for before the afterparty. I got the shower. Not the nap. Turns out our room was the only room on the floor that was not part of a wedding party. And they had put little wheelchair-bound Grandpa in the room next door - then turned it into a hospitality suite. Of course that meant they put the door on the metal tabbie thing and slammed it about every 40 seconds. Oh...and there may have been some angry voice raising when they came back at 1230 am and started doing it again.
Other people in the blog world probably can describe Guido's afterparty better than I could - really too tired to get the full fun factor. But lots of people had a great time.

Okay...the big purchase. I had been pondering buying an Electric Spinner for a while. Researching brands, lurking the boards, the usual. I had even been considering stopping spinning altogether, or selling my current wheel. I had mentioned to TAO that I was going to look. He said "buy". I went to each vendor - texting poor TAO after every stop. "Buy". Then came the texts about I found just what I wanted but it's $$$$ not $$. "Buy" 2 hours later he texts "Did you buy it?" "No". Hour later "Buy it?" "NO" "Give me their number." "No." Mid afternoon...on the phone...
TAO "Did you buy it?" "Too much money"
TAO "Give me the number" "No, I want specific options, you'll buy the wrong thing."
TAO "Bet they'll sell me a gift certificate." "Shut up"

I even texted Chelle to help talk me out of it. PS...don't take her shopping with you.

Finally, I filled out the order form. HansenCraft Mini Spinner with Woolee Winder. TAO texts: "Happy Mother's Day, aren't I good at gifts?"

Luckily it wasn't until the next day - when I started to really feel excited about the purchase instead of guilty - that I found out TAO had NO IDEA how MUCH money I was talking about. When I barked at him for encouraging me to spend money when he didn't have a number..."I know you're too cheap to spend money we don't have." Eyebrow lift. Just for that...I'm not telling him how much it cost.


ChelleC said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. There were the usual fiber fair hassles - too many people, too hot, too expensive, but you met new friends - or at least fiber acquaintances, right? You bought one really good purchase - the Hansen e-spinner and Wooly Winder. Yes, I admit it, I CAN be an enabler - not not always, you really needed this. And I think TAO will be happy when he finds out how happy it makes you to be able to spin again. Yay!

Abby said...

I look forward to hearing about the electric spinner when you get going with it! I had a great time, btw, and I thought you looked quite pulled together in your sun-protective gear.

I am about halfway through the clapotis; it really is addictive knitting!

Hope to see you next year or sooner Rhinebeck. Sorry for any crankiness. The heat and I do not like each other.