Saturday, December 25, 2010

Knitterly Gifts

From the redoubtable Chelle - a mysterious box from the LoopyEwe. She knows how much of my net income is spent there...a secret even TAO doesn't know. Little Loopy decided that the "travel mug" is actually for Oatmeal Stout. Since I was on call, he might have had "the breakfast of champions" by himself. Hence, why the photo is taken lying down. Those frolicsome lambs. And couldn't you just roll in a landscape coated in that yarn colour? (Intrigue by Lorna's Laces). Now comes the hard decision...socks or shawl?

Chelle, I'd claim you as my sister, but lets face Mother was a Bitch extraordinaire; howsa 'bout you claim me & we'll share your Gram?

There hasn't been alot of knitting posted at this blog lately. Primarily because there hasn't been alot of knitting going on. Things have been hectic the past few months & my knitting mojo was taken in front of a firing squad & summarily shot. I had a pair of socks that missed a November birthday - the recipient gave me a "late gift pass"; then just as I was to pop them in the mail...someone else called - fresh from receiving a dire diagnosis. So a text later, the birthday socks were shipped off, hopefully to provide warmth and comfort. Afterall, they've got love from two people - the knitter & the gal who sacrificed her gift.

I did eventually manage these as an outgoing knitterly gift...CookieA's Angee socks. In Loopy Solid Celery. Plainfooted because I don't care for patterned feet in shoes. You may be wondering "WTH is wrong with the toe?!?" Well, they're going to a Knitter. And I don't have her foot nearby. So I opted not to kitchener the toe & didn't cut the yarn; figuring if they arrive & are too short/too long it won't take her more than a brief movie to make them "perfect". And I'm sending my cheat sheet for kitchenering off the needles. A gift ONLY another Knitter would love.

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ChelleC said...

I am so glad you got the gift and like it! I maybe should have gotten you two of that Intrigue yarn so you could have a bigger shawl. Hmmm. A shawlette or socks - depends on waht you most need. If you want one more skein, I bet I could still call over there and Shari would have one. I'd be happy to get it for you. Let me know.