Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time and consequences

Several of us were having a little round table discussion about “If you knew you only had a short period left to live, what would you do?”
It was a lively discussion made sweetly poignant by the fact, that indeed, some of these people, ARE living the short life.

What I took away from it was that when we have “all” the time in the world, we often don’t do things we’d like to because we don’t want to pay the long term consequences for the action.
Several of the things people listed they opted not to do, or would not do if they had “more time” because of some future price that would have to be paid. Either emotionally, physically, or financially. Some of the ideas were rejected because of how they would impact loved ones left behind.
Living the Selfish life wasn’t an option because it didn’t leave room for love of others.
Things that were consistently chosen ran along the lines of avoiding the little piddly stuff that generally sucks energy: cleaning the bathroom, spending time with people you “should” like (but don’t), chosing quiet entertainment over a flurry of activity - minor but still freeing choices.

Concurrent with this the Knitters were having their annual New Years knitting resolutions. People are fresh from the Holiday knitting jag, and some of this frought is with emotion - You know the discussions….WIPs, UFOs, Queue, in short - what lives/what dies.

If you combine these two groups of people, I think you get an interesting knitting philosophy. After all, what’s the consequence of ripping a languishing UFO? Just freeing up energy. You don’t have to worry about leaving someone destitute or emotionally destroyed. Deciding to devote time to monogamously wrapping up a WIP? Other yarn isn’t going to shriek “you love them more than me!” or complain that you are self absorbed. As for that illicit affair that has tantalized your mind…go for the cashmere blend not the quivet.

In the end, remember that knitting should soothe, comfort, entertain, and engage. It may feel crucial, but it's just string. Okay so it's the string your sanity is wrapped up in.

Unfortunately, there may be plenty of need for facing the “big stuff” in life, save your energy for that.


melanie said...

What good thoughts for the new year...

ChelleC said...

Yes, agree with what you said. Those kind of heartfelt discussions and analysis really put the small things in perspective. Saving ones energy for the important people and important things (the truly important things) is what matters.