Saturday, July 15, 2006

Finis! Or the Lessening of Guilt.

Finished my little Red Alpaca off the Shoulder Sweater. Snug and curvaceous It's actually been done except for side seams for about a month. Now featuring Side Seams, ends wove in and ready to wear. Preferably to dinner with my Snookums wearing my new gold shoes.
A trifle blurry but my bonus at work went to a new Camera for Michael and we are states apart. Rats.

And Close up of the Cables which gave me a chance to practise my spot tinking.
I also adapted the sleeves. They were designed for those scrawny women with tiny arms. I don't have those, I am Sturdy. So silly little cap sleeves became above the elbow sleeves instead.


Jennifer said...

Lovely cables! Nicely knit.

Jeri said...

I just noticed your archives are two months long. So are mine, so we must have started blogging about the same time.

I'm at

And what pattern is your sweater? And what yarn?