Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stay tuned for scenes from Next Weeks Exciting Episode

Behold the double layer hat. Yup, that's what it will be when it grows up. Why, in the name of all that is yarn am I knitting a Winter Hat in July?

Well, fast mindless knitting. I had some Baby Alpaca Brush by Plymouth left from the Red Sweater and kept petting it. Soft, but not warm, not much left...what to do? What to do? A hat. But not warm (whine). I wore a hat so much last winter that people asked if it were hermetically sealed to my head.
Well, lets combine the soft alpaca with the warm Mountain Colors Weavers Wool in Rosehip so I can have soft ear touching with warm wool covering. (Did I mention my sewing room is in the basement? In Wisconsin? Brrr.) I'm not certain if I like the weird pooling of the yarn colours, perhaps I should have used Malabrigo. Hopefully it will look better on the noggin. Of course, when I finish and can't see the hat while wearing it, I may decided that any finished hat looks better than one which needs to be ripped out and redone.

The bag is a little handbag from the New Look pattern company. Perfect for holding my yarn at the bus stop. The pattern didn't have pockets on the lining but I added them for my keys, cell phone, etc. I bought the fabric from the clearance aisle thinking to test make the pattern before using "good" fabric and have gotten so many comments on the bag that I'm keeping it.

Check back for the finished item. (the eternal spring of hope)

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Jennifer said...

I think the pooling adds visual interest! I like it.

Very cute bag too. I marvel at people who find time to sew and do it so well.