Monday, July 17, 2006

Now I can Cast On with New Projects.

I finished my Vogue wrap (Iris Schreier Modular design, Spring 2006). It was quick knit, mostly bus commute time. I made it of an inexpensive test yarn before unskeining the Sea Silk.
It was funny though because the yarn, (Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee Brand, Featherwisp in Creamsickle) while soft as a baby bunny, shed like one too! And I would have to be taped and defuzzed before work every morning. Talk about hitting the needles early! The funniest part though was when it thunderstormed one afternoon and we were all standing in the shelter together; there was one rather crabby young man lounging insolently on the bench so no one else could sit. Then he jumped up and hopped right onto the bus taking up multiple seats. However, since he had been sitting down wind from my knitting, I noticed as I got off the bus that his black headscarf was covered with little wispy fuzzies from my yarn. I'm ill bred enough to think that's Funny!

I, of course, celebrated this orgy of Finished Objects with Casting on many more!

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