Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Warning! Explicit Content with Graphic Images.

Yes, I plan to engage in Yarn Porn (to borrow a phrase from LimeNViolet Podcast.

These images are brought to you courtesy of my Snookums. He sent a care package from home to celebrate his taking FIRST place in his bodybuilding competition. And, this is why I keep him….He wins first place and sends Me goodies. Come on now.

Nestled in with the bills, flyers, JoAnn coupons, and other post were….

Hand Maiden Sea Silk in Origins colourway. The yearning for Sea Silk was brought on by the YarnHarlot from her birthday party post. I mean, how can you say Seaweed in a yarn post without further investigation? The Softness and Sheen of this were what caused the pierogies to burn. The little card says “one of a kind”. And I think it was rude of the smoke detector to shrilly burst upon my fantasy of a Iris Schreier modular wrap with it’s own label “One of a Kind.”

Now that I have decided that I wasn’t that hungry anyway, it’s time to fondle the Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester DK in Wildflower. < It looks more pastel-y in the photo than it does in life. In life the colours are sheer and crisp. Yum! Very out of my usual wardrobe but I envision a wrap, perhaps the Clapotis?, with Soft dressy white trousers, and a crisp light blouse, and the tarty gold heels. I hesitate with the Clapotis because I’ve heard it can be a real yawner to knit, and I prefer wraps that can be pinned or tied and be self babysitting. Because life is just to short to wear clothes you have to tug and yank. (Goodness, remember the Flashdance sweatshirts in the 80s, always sliding off a shoulder and garroting you.)

Any suggestions out there for What to Make with The BEAUTIFUL yarn? (250 gm of DK weight)

Afterthought: if you are interested in the other colours investigate your LYS, FleeceArtist, or Bob and Nancy,

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