Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...

In the words of a casual trail hiking outfitter company...Life Is Good. But
really, it goes beyond a slogan on a shirt or mug. Truly Life is Good.
Mostly because of the little things...like being able to have breakfast for
dinner, hot/cold running water, cars that start on the first try, and having
more ways to drink coffee than Baskin Robbins has flavours.

Then, for those of you in the South, there's Bojangles and Chik-fil-A; Life
is UMMN good. For those in the North East, Captn D's Cheddar Jalepeno bites
with Dill Ranch, wow. In the West, it's the easy availability of Naked
Juice and Fred's Fish. And Midwest it's Culvers, call-the-Cardiologist-to
schedule-my-cath good.

For those of you with children, seeing them sleeping in their beds; and your
heart expands to fill your whole being...you know...life IS good. And for
those of us without kids, it's when your friends take the kids home and you
sink onto the sofa marveling at the Silence in your Home...life is GOOD.
Either way, microwave popcorn is good.

It's been a good yarn year. And woodworkers tell me it's been a good year
for them too. A lot of people I know had a good baking year too. (Wonder
where those extra pounds came from).

For those of us who went to loved one's funerals, Heaven is Good. But Life
was good too.

Sometimes we forget I think. We think about people who don't pay taxes but
have better health care than we do, or people who don't speak the language
but have better ACLU lawyers than we do; or even occasionally we let words
come between ourselves and our better half, really throwing things outta
whack. We have mornings we don't want to get out of bed, days we hate our
jobs, and evenings we envy the life our dog leads. But Life is Good.

I'm wishing for all of us to have a year filled with "Life is Good" moments. Little moments when peace and grace still the noise of the world enough that we can hear the little voice telling us....Life Is Good.

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Jennifer said...

May your new year be full of "Life is Good" moments too!