Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy St. Distaff Day

Saint Distaff:
Patron Saint of Orderly Fibers of Long Staple. Feast day is day following Twelfth Night or 7 January. Traditional nonsense festival where handspinners went back to work after the Christmas and year-end activities.

To Celebrate I think I'll do a little what the Adored One calls "making string" while I watch
Spinning Exotic Fibers borrowed from the lovely ladies at the Southern Tier FiberArts Guild.


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christine said...

Hi, Elysbeth, I can relate to your husband referring to your "making string" - my husband once asked me if I wanted him to "cart" some wool for me (and he didn't mean carry it from the barn to the house!) :)
thanks again for the lesson on needle tatting. I went to bed working on it and woke up to working on it! I tried some different, softer thread and was having some success. I had a question about joining through the loop and ,lo and behold, there on your blog that I went to after receiving the email concerning the mystery yarn, was more instruction on the very subject! your site is very interesting!
Well, have to go help hubby.. bye for now. Christine
Ps. your pin was lovely, wondering what type of dye you used?