Saturday, January 20, 2007

Needle Tatting

Thread the Needle, with a long tail. (Think Siamese, not Manx)
Loading needle. 3 double, a picot, 3 double, picot, 3 double, picot, 3 double
Closing the ring - be careful not to twist. Pull the needle through the worked stitches and then come up through the loop between the eye and the work.

Et Voici! A Ring.
Chain...Turn work, just as in regular tatting. Lay Needle firmly on base of ring. If you don't start right at the base, there will be a gap. Just as in regular tatting.
Work chain as your pattern calls for.
Pull the needle through worked stitches. Do not double back into the loop.
Some Extras...connecting a ring through a previous Picot.

Hope this helps.


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ChelleC said...

My grandmother used to do needle tatting as well a shuttle tattling. What an art. You are multi-talented my dear.