Saturday, January 27, 2007

Knitting meets the Minoans

I'm the practical one in the family. The Adored One is by far more romantic, more caring, and lots more fun at a party. He never turns off a chick flick and says "That's stupid, how are they going to pay the bills?".

This practicality led me to get out the 60" needle and the 24" needle and still not be able to get it all spread out. What is this thing? My contribution to the Black Bunny Hop KAL. A form of madness brought on by Knitty D and the City.

So follow me along the labyrinth of mental gymnastics.....on my current row 113 of 190 I have 725 stitches. By the end I will have 1375 stitches for the last 20 rows. Insane. This offends the practical side of me. For instance, one Row of this Shawl (as if I'm the kind to wear a shawl) is equal to 100 rows of a sock for the Adored One. Practically an entire sock! Or 725 stitches would be inches on my cardigan. Or 7 rows on the clapotis. I don't think the entire
Calorimetry even had 725 stitches. And at this point, I won't give it away at the end because I can't think of anyone (except the Adored One) that I like enough to put that much work into. I'm not certain I like me that much.

On a brighter note, this is self-induced torture. No Minotaurs here.


Angie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your shawl is growing very nicely. Quite a beautiful colorway that is.

ChelleC said...

The shawl is gorgeous. But I know what you mean about doing that many stitches! I have avoided shawls thus far for that reason. But it really is lovely. Maybe you can wear it out on a romantic date night with the Adored One.