Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another Knitting Outbreak

Look what Jennifer completed! And in record time I might add.. She got to practise casting on many many times, and learned how important it is to read the pattern carefully, all good things to know. It is a Gnome hat for her adorable son. And I mean adorable. Usually people bring in their boy children and well, they're boys - gangly, loud, awkward. Not this one, even on shot day he was a cutie. Gotta tell ya' when she pointed out this pattern and said that's what she wanted my eyebrows got some internal mental exercise. Gnome hat? Intentionally pointy? Too fashionable for me. But look how sweet it is in reality. She got gauge, but it came out bigger than the pattern. If you want one too check out Judith Durant's book - One Skein Wonders. We also made the cabled headband out of this book. Very practical, and came out nice in both peoples yarn choices
Now Jennifer and Bridgett are both casting on for kid's sweaters. *Evil chuckle.*

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ChelleC said...

Yay, Jennifer, what a cute hat. And you have a good teacher. She's right about reading the pattern. I'm still learning to read patterns (4 years after learning to knit).