Tuesday, February 20, 2007

lint? Oh Lent!

So, I decided what I am giving up and taking up for Lent. Those who know me may be saying "Girl, you're not Catholic". No but it's a cool idea and it's only for 40 days.

So...I am Giving Up the Snooze button. I thought about not saying nasty comments about people, not having a potty mouth, not eating sugar....and decided to go with something challenging but not impossible. It's a shame too, I work that snooze button like a 4 year old works Grandma. I come by it honestly. Back in the day when alarms ticked ticked ticked and BRRRRINGd, my mother would get me up and then tell me to get her up in 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, OH SH-T!

For the Taking Up, I am de-Chametz-ing my UFOs. I am not casting on anything new for 40 days. Crikey! Part of the Passover tradition is an amazing Spring Cleaning, which includes getting rid of or loaning away (love those legal loopholes) Chametz. This will allow me to make big strides in my WiPs and UFOs. Which will enable me to have it all packed away and tidied up in time to go home.

So expect photos of things that look vaguely like the photo of the week before : )

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Jennifer said...

Ah snooze... If only I could snooze button my kids. :-)