Thursday, February 22, 2007


My first three ply hand spun. Done in a Pippi Kneesocks roving titled SpringTime ChocoBird, and purchased from Scout's Swag. I bought this before I got my wheel and decided to set it aside until I got "good enough" to do it justice. And also until I could figure out how I wanted the colours to pool. Did I want to strip it in long rovings, did I want to spin from the fold and have big stripes, did I want to separate it out and navajo ply? Finally I decided I might never be good enough and I was going to spin it anyway! I am pleased with the results, I had originally planned for sock knitting but then changed my mind to pair it with commercial yarn and make a cardi-shrug. So, perhaps it is a little firmly spun for a shrug vs socks, I did the worsted method, but I think it will bloom nicely when washed. And I couldn't wait so I have already cast on. Whoops. But I am still clear on the Lent thingy because I cast on before Lent.

For those who are interested in hot pour dyeing I recommend the article
Dyeing. I hope it tempts you to give it a whirl yourself.


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! Nicely spun.

pippi said...

Wow! Oh! WOW!!
It looks great!
Now I see why Scout has been asking to get it back in stock! :)
I better fire up those dyepots!

I can hardly wait to see what it becomes!!

ChelleC said...

Beautiful spinning you are doing there. Your skill is clearly improving.