Saturday, February 10, 2007

UFO's cleverly disguised as WIP's.

The Gig is Up. On my current trip I took up spinning. No, I don't know how or why I became infected. Spindling really bothered my RSI shoulders so I got a Sonata when they were launched. *Failed* to mention it to The Adored One. I mean, I told him I was making string and then tying knots in it to make things. I just never mentioned the whole -spinningwheel,fiber,boythatwasabigbill- thing. Guess who saw the wheel on the blog and called to ask How Much? Not because he cares how the money is spent, but because he figured anything that nicely crafted had to cost money.

+ Middle Earth socks for The Adored One - Millspun, Handdyed. I finished the first one and started the second, got into the gusset and realized that due to a different stress level I was knitting an entirely different gauge. Noodle!

+ Still seeking pattern for Bohus style knitted pixie hat, and Bohus style knitted turban.

+ Taught two people at work how to knit, current UFO is making certain they are infected enough to continue when I leave : ) We are planning a Rochester NY yarn crawl in March. Always get them hooked on quality. If not yarn, then tools. We are enjoying the Knitpicks Options needles very much.

+ Finished the second Calorimetry. In Superwash Merino/Tencel. Now the co-workers want some of the yarn to make one themselves. Right.

+ I got one row done on the Feather and Fan Shawl. Sounds like so little when I put it that way, but it was 725 stitches.

+ One repeat of the straight section finished on the Clapotis.


Jennifer said...

Your spinning is looking amazing!

ChelleC said...

Hey, are you near Rochester? My territory at work is upstate New York!!! I sell on the phone, but I feel like I talk to New Yorkers so much that I almost live there. It's my adopted territory. I'd love to visit you and the yarn shops some time!!! We could go on a yarn crawl together. That would be dangerous. Fun, but dangerous to the wallet.

And if the Adored One thinks spinning wheels are expensive, he should see a real intense yarn crawl . . . . not cheap.