Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Don't do as I do

I am not, repeat, Not condoneing Retail Therapy as a balm. However, finding these lovelies in the mailbox made me rethink my plan of going upstairs to poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick.

Should you feel the need to enrich your life with items that are both lovely and useful I recommend dropping by Craftlilly.

As an aside - if you're one of those who are interested in Gemstone properties: The stones are Crazy Lace Agate said to: Relieve emotional pain, open the way for laughter, bring energy to a balanced and steady state, helps to overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart. Hmmn...and I just thought they were pretty. The photo doesn't do them justice. Must go find a project that needs stitch markers, Ta Ta for now.

1 comment:

Elspeth said...

Oh I love Jennifer's work! She was the person I bought my first stitch markers from!