Friday, July 13, 2007

Starting to find my Mojito ---Oops I mean Mojo.

All the hype about a certain movie and book aside, I do believe that we are like tuning forks and that what we resonate out, resonates in our lives. Is this a hard and fast rule? No. Is it always fair and just? No. Just a thought.

Recently The Adored One was getting slapped around by the Universe. And he’s a worrier. And so I worried about him. And we both got slapped around some more. Then I decided that this string of bad luck had to go. So here’s a queer little story for you:

Back in September 2006 I drove up to Niagara Falls. Of course I stopped at yarn stores while there. One was Karma Knitting & Clothing. They had a clever little shrug on display in Paintbox yarn. When I enquired about it, the girl told me how it was made – huge scarf, fold like origami, stitch, voila – and said 2 skeins. I bought 2 skeins and went on my way. I started knitting this 3 or 4 times since then but a little nagging voice kept saying that I must have written the instructions down wrong, there was NO way 2 skeins would make this.

Fast forward to July 2007. I go into the store again, the owner apologises profusely – it takes 2 skeins in this yarn over here but 4 skeins in Paintbox. If you look, you will see that this is a highly coloured and distinct yarn. Rats. However….

She had 2 skeins left in the same colour and dyelot! Yeah, look at the name of the store again…Karma….funny eh?