Saturday, December 29, 2007


The First of the Twelve
I just posted my Stash to Ravelry

I knew not what havoc I wreaked. Now I have the Awareness. G-d gives me the Strength, the Perseverance. Not even ONE skein of kitchen cotton. I swear. I understand now that I am powerless in the presence of yarn and how that need, nay, addiction has torn at the threads of my life and the people I care about. I did not realize how Knitting deprived my husband of power tools and my son of videogames, nor how many times they suffered from Pizza for dinner as I completed “just one more row.” I was seduced into thinking that having handmade gifts for Baby and Bridal showers was important. I understand now my error.

Unaware of the betrayal of environment, I blithely attended guild meetings, retreats, and Ravelry. No longer! I see how proximity led to inappropriate behaviours, such as Stashing, Starting new projects, and ultimately to UFOs. Just as I would guard my family from the influence of inappropriate friends, so shall I guard myself from “Mystery Stoles, “KALs”, Swaps and the annual bus ride to the fiber festival.

Fulfillment will be found in activities more appropriate than Knitting. I shall find, instead, Serenity in the cleared spaces of my home. Focus with renewed Clarity on vacuuming, dusting and tidying up after my Son. I shall feel the breeze of the dryer vent as I do my Husband’s laundry and be soothed. No longer will I sit in the stands at a game and knit, my Energy will be focused on the complexities of endless waiting in cars and doctor offices, and in this focus I will find Patience.

At this moment to I promise to form a Shetland Spider Web of Support to help me when I waver. I will call out for Help. I will reach out to hands that will pull me from temptations. I will look to other when my own Strength wavers.

What do you mean insurance won’t cover Addiction Therapy? Hell, I’ll meet you at the Yarn Store.

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ChelleC said...

Now that is funny, and hilarious!!! You are so cute.