Monday, December 10, 2007

Fem Shui

Yes, you read that right - I am calling upon y'all for some Fem Shui.Fem Shui sounds better than Girl Power, or other glossy magazine crap.
(This is not knitting related).

After the vacation Photo of Pregnant Belly, I took a good hard look in the mirror. Okay. Not so bad, but for health and loathing-of-shopping sake I should lose some weight. So I am thinking about joining an online weightloss group. (that pesky travel thing again). And...I found one that you pay $108.00 for the first 90 days. Wait, wait...

For every day you log in and fill out your exercise/eating log during the initial 90 days, they refund a $1.00 at the end. Since I am a parsimonious person I thought this would be good. In my quest to recoup Yarn Money compliance would be high. And with compliance would come Awareness, and you know the rest of that thought, eh?

Please share what's working for you and why. Thank you.

BTW - I went to a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and had all my supplements and meds allergy tested. Very interesting. Then the next time we did food testing. I learned oodles. Now I am being treated for the foods that don't metabolise well. Examples included wheat, soy, whey, egg whites, and the weirdest...Vegetables. So we started the first sessions with vegetables and I have done so well with eating salads and other things that I always wanted to "like" but just never stomached well. I asked the Doc "Vegetables, who's allergic to vegetables?" She said "apparently enough people that they include it in the test kit." Gotta love it.


Jennifer said...

interesting on the veggie testing...i'm going thru some stomach problems right now and i swear it's related to eating veggies, but so far my doc doesn't agree. i'll have to keep this in mind...

my hubby and i are doing our own biggest loser competition right now and are just trying to make healthy choices together. so far it seems to be working cuz we've lost a total of 15 lbs in two weeks...not too shabby. helps to be working as a team and cheering each other on.

i've also been successful w/ weight watcherz and south beach in the past. both are healthy lifestyles and teach you a healthy way to eat.

good luck w/ whatever you decide!

ChelleC said...

E - I'm with you in full support. The online thing makes sense, getting paid back $1 every time you log in etc. That would defintely create motivation to earn back the yarn $$$. Yep. Sounds good to me.

I definitely have the same focus, and need to get back to it now that the play is over and I'm not having to eat out every night.

Jennifer said...

I've never heared about veggie testing. Do they test for all veggies?

shelly in omaha said...

Good luck with the weight loss thing. I have almost given up. I do not have the self discipline to check in everyday. Shoot half the time I forget to check my email. I think senility is creeping in, my short term memory is awful and long term is not much better.