Sunday, December 16, 2007


Personally I think this stuff looks like oatmeal. But the ladies at the lunch table assure me that they like the colour and would love to give it a home.
It's knit from my stash with one complete ball and most of a second (partial) ball of Furz. Not as a serious bbrrr-cold-outside-scarf, but as a toss-around-the-neck to ward off indoor drafts scarf. It is buttery soft and delectable to the skin.

I now have more neck to cover. After all this careful growing out of the hair, which I have to pin up to work, and when I wear it down I look like Sigmund the sea monster. I was on my physical therapy roller today, and yes, you see this coming, rolled right onto my hair. So as I lay there with 150lbs holding me to the floor I decided this was the last straw. Into the bathroom with the scissors, out of the bathroom minus 5 inches. Much better. Still long enough to pull up for work, but short enough it won't get stuck under my purse strap.

I have finished the right front of Lillian, but it's not blocked yet. So that leaves the sleeves and sewing up. But I am in the start-itis stage right now. Sigh. And it's time to start packing again. Actually not really packing, but paring down, eating the pantry, figuring out the next trips projects and books, etc etc. Also, TAO got me a Terabyte My Book for my birthday, so I am trying to organise my back up files and such. This is rather messy because my backup files are on two 250GB drives with some duplicates. Another opportunity to focus on Enough.

I did sign up for the online weight loss thingy. And they are currently running an incentive whereby if you lose 5 lbs or more they will pay $5 per pound. Yarn money! Craftlilly asked about the veggie testing. It doesn't include potatos,corn, onions, cucumbers, tomatos, peppers, or starches. Think salad bar, greens, cruciferious. Think free point foods with high B vitamin, high water, high fiber. Yeah. Hard to think svelte when salad sits like a rock in your stomach. I am glad to say I have had salad almost every day for lunch at work and no problems. All in my mind? Maybe, but I can live with mind power.


ChelleC said...

You cute your hair? Do you like it? I'm trying to grow mine out some, but it DOES get frustrating. I've also been tempted lately to cut my bangs, but it has taken me so long to get them this long, that I'm hopefully not going to sucumb to that temptation.

Your scarf is really cute and looks like it FEELS wonderful.

Jennifer said...

That does look like a lovely and soft scarf.

That's too bad about the salad. I live on them, practically. I hope you figure out why certain veggies don't sit right with you.