Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sanity Saver

In a blatant rip off from Chelle I am posting my Sanity Saver:

Super Sticky Post it Notes. They are great for charted knitting or for complex instruction marking. One sticky went through the November Muse shawl and the Lopi Cardigan. It is currently marking the chart for Ene's Scarf. Yes, the same sticky. Yes, with line by line moving. See why it's a Sanity Saver?

Word of warning: should you buy the pack with more than one pad in it, do not leave the extra one unguarded in a desk drawer where your husband will treat these expensive gems as the usual cheap note jotters, because if said person were to leave one attached to a wood desk for an extended period of time, it will pull the varnish off. So put these away with your lace charted books, or tuck it in with the complex sock patterns. Do NOT stick to items that may be easily marred such as leather, your dash, or the cat. I do put my charts in a cheap sheet protector and use the sticky on the outside because it will pull colour off the photocopy. This makes reknitting or matching pairs difficult and makes the sticky not as (sticky that is.)


ChelleC said...

Oh hey, don't be afraid at all to use that concept. I benefit from your sanity savers just as much as you benefit from mine! Feel free to post them whenever they occur.

I just received my blocking kit from JoAnne's and I am so excited!!! Wish the shawl was finished already so I could use it. I hope to knit tonight some more on that shawl.

Jennifer said...

Ooo! Thanks for the tip.