Sunday, February 25, 2007

Webbed Feet.

This weekend I spent so much time in the frog pond that I feel like this...

Some frogging was caused by mis-counting. Some by *okay, that's ugly* and some by *never going to finish this, stop cluttering up my energy*. So while I was very busy this weekend, not much productivity occurred. Except 1/2 a bobbin of Wensleydale for a Future Project.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


My first three ply hand spun. Done in a Pippi Kneesocks roving titled SpringTime ChocoBird, and purchased from Scout's Swag. I bought this before I got my wheel and decided to set it aside until I got "good enough" to do it justice. And also until I could figure out how I wanted the colours to pool. Did I want to strip it in long rovings, did I want to spin from the fold and have big stripes, did I want to separate it out and navajo ply? Finally I decided I might never be good enough and I was going to spin it anyway! I am pleased with the results, I had originally planned for sock knitting but then changed my mind to pair it with commercial yarn and make a cardi-shrug. So, perhaps it is a little firmly spun for a shrug vs socks, I did the worsted method, but I think it will bloom nicely when washed. And I couldn't wait so I have already cast on. Whoops. But I am still clear on the Lent thingy because I cast on before Lent.

For those who are interested in hot pour dyeing I recommend the article
Dyeing. I hope it tempts you to give it a whirl yourself.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

lint? Oh Lent!

So, I decided what I am giving up and taking up for Lent. Those who know me may be saying "Girl, you're not Catholic". No but it's a cool idea and it's only for 40 days.

So...I am Giving Up the Snooze button. I thought about not saying nasty comments about people, not having a potty mouth, not eating sugar....and decided to go with something challenging but not impossible. It's a shame too, I work that snooze button like a 4 year old works Grandma. I come by it honestly. Back in the day when alarms ticked ticked ticked and BRRRRINGd, my mother would get me up and then tell me to get her up in 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, OH SH-T!

For the Taking Up, I am de-Chametz-ing my UFOs. I am not casting on anything new for 40 days. Crikey! Part of the Passover tradition is an amazing Spring Cleaning, which includes getting rid of or loaning away (love those legal loopholes) Chametz. This will allow me to make big strides in my WiPs and UFOs. Which will enable me to have it all packed away and tidied up in time to go home.

So expect photos of things that look vaguely like the photo of the week before : )

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Adored One meets Middle Earth

Okay, so maybe he hasn't actually met these socks yet, I still have to mail them. But they are finished. They are of thisYarn hot pour dyed ala Salvation Army turkey roaster, using Chestnut and Sapphire. If they look a little sloppy, those are my feet and too small for the sock. (not by much unfortunately). And because of the great yardage in the Yarn, there will definitely be enough for a pair for me. They so go with jeans.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

UFO's cleverly disguised as WIP's.

The Gig is Up. On my current trip I took up spinning. No, I don't know how or why I became infected. Spindling really bothered my RSI shoulders so I got a Sonata when they were launched. *Failed* to mention it to The Adored One. I mean, I told him I was making string and then tying knots in it to make things. I just never mentioned the whole -spinningwheel,fiber,boythatwasabigbill- thing. Guess who saw the wheel on the blog and called to ask How Much? Not because he cares how the money is spent, but because he figured anything that nicely crafted had to cost money.

+ Middle Earth socks for The Adored One - Millspun, Handdyed. I finished the first one and started the second, got into the gusset and realized that due to a different stress level I was knitting an entirely different gauge. Noodle!

+ Still seeking pattern for Bohus style knitted pixie hat, and Bohus style knitted turban.

+ Taught two people at work how to knit, current UFO is making certain they are infected enough to continue when I leave : ) We are planning a Rochester NY yarn crawl in March. Always get them hooked on quality. If not yarn, then tools. We are enjoying the Knitpicks Options needles very much.

+ Finished the second Calorimetry. In Superwash Merino/Tencel. Now the co-workers want some of the yarn to make one themselves. Right.

+ I got one row done on the Feather and Fan Shawl. Sounds like so little when I put it that way, but it was 725 stitches.

+ One repeat of the straight section finished on the Clapotis.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another Knitting Outbreak

Look what Jennifer completed! And in record time I might add.. She got to practise casting on many many times, and learned how important it is to read the pattern carefully, all good things to know. It is a Gnome hat for her adorable son. And I mean adorable. Usually people bring in their boy children and well, they're boys - gangly, loud, awkward. Not this one, even on shot day he was a cutie. Gotta tell ya' when she pointed out this pattern and said that's what she wanted my eyebrows got some internal mental exercise. Gnome hat? Intentionally pointy? Too fashionable for me. But look how sweet it is in reality. She got gauge, but it came out bigger than the pattern. If you want one too check out Judith Durant's book - One Skein Wonders. We also made the cabled headband out of this book. Very practical, and came out nice in both peoples yarn choices
Now Jennifer and Bridgett are both casting on for kid's sweaters. *Evil chuckle.*

Sunday, February 04, 2007

It was a good weekend...

I Finished these little guys, from my first handspun. Just in time for (-) degree weather.
I started spinning this Superwash Merino/Tencel to knit up a modified Calorimetry. I enjoy the first one, but wanted it smaller and daintier. Ala Craftlilly. This fiber spins like a dream, makes me look as though I know what I am doing and gives me hope that I will someday be able to craft fine sock yarn.
I also engaged in social activity with the Southern Tier Fiber Arts Guild. Just look at all that colour, creativity, and muse. And, Shelly in Omaha, THANK YOU for the thermos. It has become my travel teacup, fitting perfectly in the car drinkholder and keeping my tea warm to the end. Miss y'all

Friday, February 02, 2007

Feng What?

This is Tinker. He is my traveling money frog. We have a money frog at home, much to the Adored One's amusement but a couple of years ago he bought me this little guy on a mirrored pad that reads "I love you always.".

What does this have to do with his current perch? That is my not full bobbin of Wensleydale. Not full because of time and fiber lack issues. So I decided that if he attracts wealth, provides protection, and gets rid of bad luck in the finance field, perhaps he would send a little chi to my spinning. Besides, he's awfully cute.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

They say TV is violent - versus this?

The patron saint of wool combers was Bishop Blaise (c.289-316) who had no connection with textiles but is said to have met his death by having his flesh torn with iron combs similar to those used by wool combers.
Patricia Baines (copyright 1977) Spinning Wheels, Spinners, and Spinning

Really? Okay. That's a visual I could do without. Who even thought that up to begin with?