Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Whew, it's a big 'un

I might have tripped and put something in my online cart. I may have tripped over the DreamWeaver delivery box on the way in from work. Might? May? Puh-lease! My bag is here. Hee Hee hee. The combination of rationalisation and lust worked.

May I have a round of applause for the Olive Namaste Laguna....

Front View with the shoulder strap completely doubled on a 5'2" (66cm) size 12-ish woman.

I know that a big trend in bags right now is a lot of hardware that contributes to the weight (and supposed stylishness). This bag has very light hardware, it adds to the look without adding heft.

It is wide enough across the beam that it will add to your visual bodyweight. But what bag designed to carry this much stuff wouldn't. I will be replacing the 3/4" wide strap with my gel strap, but that's for My quirks, not a fault of the design team.

Back Zippered pocket for keys and wallet - no opening your whole bag to the world in order to pay for your coffee.

Front flap pocket for the phone, no chasing and fishing for it in a crowded aisle.

Would the impatient knitter in the back please resume their seat.
Interior and comparision photos are coming....

Finding it hard to get a sense of size from just listed dimensions I set it next to the Loopy Groupie Bag
and put the small Loopy bag in front to show it's size when the handles are folded down.
Straight down one side of the zippered divider
And the other side
And this is what was in the bag for all those photos...wallet, phone, keys, fullsized hardback, trade sized paperback, 5 skeins of shamrock, my Loopy Ewe accessory kit (sizer, tape measure, gum, calculator, crochet hook, scissors, stitch markers, stitch holders, cable needle) Lantern moon bag with skein of Knittery and a partial "Lacy Hug Me Tight" I think you would need to be knitting a Sukkah to fill it.

I'm running errands and going to the doctor tomorrow, working Friday & Saturday, I should know by Sunday how it's going to work out.

Thank you Ravelry ladies for the enabling and DreamWeaver for the quick service.


Kim said...

oooh ahhh - I love your bag. I think I'm going to need a Laguna too!

ChelleC said...

That bag is fantabulous. I am probably going to get one too. I love your photos of how much it holds. That helps me get a much better idea of what it looks like, inside and out. Should I get the lime? The Saddle color? Not sure.

ChelleC said...

Oh my gosh, the Dreamweaver website says they are sold out until April. Eeks!

Karen said...

Oh, that is a wonderful bag!

Jennifer said...

Yay! Beautiful bag!

Anonymous said...

Nifty bag! I think you made a great choice. Shelly in Omaha.

Kim said...

Looking over this again and I KNOW I need one of these....Destash has been going ok so-Dreamweaver, here I come!

JessaLu said...

Very nice!