Sunday, April 06, 2008

Knitting is a Myna Bird

Phoenix Rising has a couple of little areas that make me reconsider my relationship with the project. Among these were a couple of wonky areas (tension issues) that I had concerns about visibility in the finished project. Do I rip back 40 rows? Do I risk it and get to the end and be crazy because of it? How about I semi block it now to see?
Hmmn still a little wonky. (No closeups to show). Secondary to that concern, is the small needle/silk thread issue. I am loose knitter. I knit to relax. I knit because you can't drink on call, and I never got into drugs. This project at this time is NOT relaxing.

Which leads to a conversation with myself about work and the next 40 years...
  • Keep doing what I'm doing (just keep knitting this plan)
  • Keep doing what I'm doing but at a slower pace/lesser level. (keep knitting a row a day)
  • Do what I do now, but at a real job in one place (rip back and knit again)
  • Do something else entirely. (knit this pattern in a different yarn)
  • Pursue disability funds. (skip this whole project)
  • Go knit and think about this again in 2010 when the plan has been worked (Set the shawl aside, knit something else to distract me and see how I feel about it in a few weeks/months)

And they call knitting a Hobby.


Theresa said...

Sometimes I think I take my knitting way too seriously. But maybe that's just a personality thing . . . I would keep going. It'll all come out in the blocking.

Jennifer said...

Hmmm, you know a lot of wonkiness comes out in the blocking. I'd keep doing what you're doing. But I hate to rip lace.

Kim said...

I never love my lace until it is blocked and the anticipation kills me! This might turn out to be your favorite yet once it is finished.

ChelleC said...

I say keep going, unless it is truly driving you crazy, in that case, set it aside a while.

It's lovely to us, and it will look even lovlier in blocking.