Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Self Absorbed

So I'm thinking of taking the, not marriage, silly...I'm going to get my hair cut by a hairdresser on Sunday. It's part of Aveda's Cuts for Clean Water campaign. And, I'm thinking of making the commitment - buying a blowdryer and a bottle of goop and getting a Style.

Currently I get my hair cut professionally about, oh, once a year - perhaps twice if PMS strikes at just the right moment. That means the rest of the time I just whack my bangs off when they poke me in the eye. That also means that my baby fine, ruler straight hair spends the majority of it's time clubbed back in various twists or ponytails. I have few hair rules but the two non-negotiables are: Not in Eyes, Not flopping around face. Important rules given that I spend the majority of my life in hospital gloves with ick on my hands, and look down at the bed, up to the screen, down to the bed, up to the keyboard, etc etc.

So when I decided to get it whacked off, the hunt for a good look comes into play. It can't be a pixie cut ala late 90's Winona, because TAO put his foot down about that a decade or so ago. Which leaves either a nice trim with some shaping and continued pull back, or some feminine cut in between that would be so short it couldn't flop forward and would not be able to club back (or catch in exercise equipment).

The later option would require commitment - get it cut regularly, keep it styled or look like the dutchBoy,no more washing at night and sleeping on it, put goop in hair, apply swirling warm air regularly. I feel vaguely overwhelmed.

So if you think I may be mature enough to handle this, kindly suggest some celebs that have good hair.

(PS - I loathe that look in which women over the age of twelve put barrettes in their hair smack at the sides of their heads, but would be open to the thought for workouts...maybe).


Anonymous said...

Ok, although I am not to sure about her politics, I think Hillary Clinton has great hair. I think it a style you could do in a flash when you are in a hurry,out of eyes and back away from face. What do you think? Shelly in Omaha

ChelleC said...

Hey, did you do the deed yet? What does it look like? Do tell!!!

Holly said...

as someone well on the upperside of 50 whose hair (now starting to grey) can attest to the merits of keeping it long.

I eschewed fashion for upkeep and convenience. And if I ever decide to cut it off (and wear a wig for reenactment dress up - it will go to Locks of Love.