Friday, April 04, 2008

Slow and painful progress thy name is

Tiny needles and tiny silk thread combined with a chart, thereby rendering it non-portable knitting. Sigh.

On a brighter note I spent some tax refund money first to House that Yarn Built, and then yesterday at The Loopy Ewe. Which led to a little guilt. Not a lot, but a little. (I did donate more than I spent.)

Which tied in perfectly with something that one of my favourite authors, Larry Winget said in his newest book
You're Broke because you want to be.

As a digression...I'm not broke, we're not broke, it's not like that at all. It's just that growing up the way I did has given me an awareness of how these decisions are made daily, and it's nice to be kicked in the mental arse occasionally. It's also nice to hear some of the gaffes people make and realise it's been a long time since You Made That One. There were parts of his other book "Shut up Stop Whining and Get a Life" that made me laugh so hard I couldn't see. I do recommend the audio books, because he reads them. (I don't recommend his wardrobe.)

This morning (post Loopy Ewe glow) on the way into work, the audio book
was having you go through some exercises. Since I was driving, I did them negligently but did find myself making a mental list of projects that I have with me. This led to the following:

I hereby pledge that I will NOT buy more yarn until at least the following are finished.
  • April Socks
  • Chocolate Cherry Socks
  • Something in the Butter Peeps or Paris Nights yarn
  • Wicked or TAOs Smokin.
  • The five center reps of the Phoenix Rising.

Because really, that's Enough.

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ChelleC said...

I love your post today!!!! Reminds me of some important truths.

Your shawl is gorgeous. I know that isn't much consolution, since you can't carry it around. But it will get done eventually and it's beautiful. That will be your "serenity" knitting. How aobut that?