Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stalking the wild Asparagus... I mean yarn purchase

A short time ago, I pledged that I would NOT buy more yarn until at least the following were finished:

April Socks

Chocolate Cherry Socks - These will be the socks for May in Nancy Bush's Whitby pattern
Something in the Butter Peeps or Paris Nights yarn - this was a mental error, I didn't pack the Paris Nights, I packed the Handmaiden Mini in Ebony so consider this revised.

Wicked or TAOs Smokin. I actually got most of one Wicked sleeve done before spending time with Sir Frogsalot, buying different needles and now I am happy with how my sleeve is working out.
The five center reps of the Phoenix Rising. Yeah, this might be a problem child. I spent a little time away from this, still not happy with it. Still undecided. Still considering ripping and using the yarn for something else. Aaargh!

I am slowly closing in. Which is good because I saw the NordicStars by Candace Eisner-Strick and am really tempted to make this as a Warm winter sweater for me. It's even made of a relatively affordable yarn. As opposed to the Lopi that I am tempted to make myself whenever I wear TAOs cardigan.

And for those who remember today's Book Title, I was pleased to see new reprints from as late as 1988 were available.


Kim said...

Great progress! Wicked is on my list and it's great to see yours progressing along.

Jennifer said...

I like the color you've chosen for Wicked!

ChelleC said...

Wicked is gorgeous. Please don't frog it. You look wickedly good in it