Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hah! in that tone that implies I have one upped someone. Afterall, it's still only April and I have the first holiday gift off the needles.

Hah! in that tone that states "you thought you could defeat me, but I've shown you!" Directed to the yarn. Mini Mochi in Lake Trail. While the colours are lovely, the yarn is a softly spun single which may be great for stockingette, but does not like to be manipulated into decreases. I started with sharp needles, since was to be lace - Disaster, switched to blunter needles - moderately annoying, and ended with needles about as sharp as drinking straws - still splitty. Gaah! However the shawl is complete. The pattern called for 328 yds (one skein of noro sock) but my mohair allergy ruled that out.

Hah! to the pattern designer, who when I politely PM'd a question about errata (having found errors in the pattern), wrote me a vaguely snotty note about the email she'd sent out 3 weeks prior with corrections listed - Yeah great lady...but you sold me the pattern last Saturday...still with the errors in it. So kiss my needles.

Due to some bizarre quirk of gauge I find myself done after only 210 yards. (one ball of Mini and just enough of the second ball that you can't not break into it.) It is small, but it's planned as a gift for my talented and gorgeous (but spindly) 13 year old niece, whose favourite colours are green and orange. Do you think she'll like it?


melanie said...

Double Hah! Love your knitter 'tude...and the shawl is gorgeous!

ChelleC said...

Well you did a fantastic job. It is SO gorgeous. Do you mind if I make one exactly like it? What's the pattern. I love it! I'm feeling the shawl envy