Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Off the Whiteboard - on the Runway

Yesterday I got to do my "new yarn" dance. My beautiful custom order from Lisa Souza came, still wet from the dyer. (literally, still wet, the alpaca was softly damp).

Deciding that this was not a time to exercise decorum or self control, I wound all 465 yards of my BFL sock in Sedona by hand. I don't care if I tell myself..it's only a few week contract...from now on I'm packing the swift. And this is the supermodel of sock yarn...gorgeous, just a little over the top, and Skinny!
That would be my Beautiful BFL on OOs. Definitely skinny. My stash may need some of this yarn for lace.

I continued on my spree by casting on the Sedona socks by Lisa Dykstra. I'm trying to knit these with a prayer of hope & strength for her during a trying time, and also attempting to knit them dreaming of my vacation & renewal. It works for me.

I bit the bullet and opted to go to MSW and even picked up tickets for the afterparty. (Dear G-d, what was I thinking?) Fat Bunny in Sunny DaySo I've started my list of stuff to make certain I see. But I'm trying to decide if I'll have time to knit a little cowl out of this: , just to keep a breeze off my throat

or if I should go whole hog and attempt the Scroll Lace Scarf or Saroyan in Baby Alpaca Sport in Breath of Spring, as a weather deterrent- MSW weather can be very uncertain.


ChelleC said...

That is some gorgeous yarn. They are going to make beautiful socks. Amazing.

The idea of a cowl or scarf is good. What about Yarn Harlot's Pretty Thing?

melanie said...