Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chirp Chirp Chirp

The Lent resolution is for the Birds! It's cramping my style. I have 2 things I desparately want to cast on and can't! I really want to try a new techique for socks. Drat! Phooey. Pbbt!

And the snooze alarm...well...I was sick, I slept in instead of exercising more than one day in a row. And then I moved, and you know how sleeping someplace new is. Even as a professional *new place next month* person I don't sleep well the first couple of days somewhere new....what is that noise, what is that light, etc. etc.

I like sleeping, I'm good at it, I've spent many hours of my life doing it, and I enjoy it. It's hard to give that up in the morning. Sigh.

However, you will notice that KFYS allowed Sock Yarn. Perfect for the 52 plunge. So I engaged in Yarn Love with this mushroomy variegated from Ellens Half Pint Farm purchased at Alfred Station Knitting Studio. I love the ladies who run this. Again, I ordered a book from her at full price, because, well, I want good things for her. And a ball of Online Supersock cotton Beach Colour 946. Not my usual type of sock yarn but I thought...change, hmmn. Okay, I confess it was all about the colours.

I can tell you I will not be making
this. Between the scarred knees and the spider veins, it would be perfect for Halloween.

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Rebecca said...

If you have taken the 52 Sock Plunge then, by all means, order all the sock yarn you need for you will be making many socks! Sleep well until your body heals and then it will be time to exercise!