Friday, March 09, 2007


So you know how you feel when you teach someone something? And they get it? Do you see this darling little top down raglan jacket? Repeat after me...*it's her third knitted thing ever*

Okay, so you know how you feel when you teach someone something and they get it so much faster and easier than you did? On the one hand I'm glad she's naturally talented and diligently works on her projects, on the other hand, I feel sorta stupid in comparison. She knit it out of Andean Silk and actually finished the knitting in about 2 1/2 weeks. Then there was the delay while we waited for the Yarn Crawl to find the perfect little buttons. She did Magic Loop on the sleeves to cut down on needle buying and did all the finishing herself. Round of applause please.

Oh, and a Lent Update, this not casting on thing is tough! And I did have one brief fling with the snooze button, but it was only once on one single day.


Jennifer said...

Third knitted item ever? Fantastic job.

Peggy said...

That sweater is adorable!!!! I will have to show that to my knitting class, they won't believe it. I looked back to see what type of wheel you have. I saw your Sonata. How do you like it? I just, today, got a Polonaise. Still in the getting to know each other stage.

Nora said...

A natural talent!