Saturday, March 31, 2007

Er Duh.....

I’ve always avoided vests. There are several reasons for this. Among them are a prejudice of The Adored One and the idea that my arms need to hidden from the masses - both for modesty and because that much white flabbiness is far from comely.

So, no vests for Elysbeth. Not even that darling little Ribwarmer. Of course….the Yarn Harlot and her recent Green Ribwarmer inspired envy, a desire to make one (I have all of EZs books), and a sigh of regret.

Until it dawned on me that it was a Winter Garment, and would be worn with Long Sleeves Under NEATH! -Slap forehead- So now the Wensleydale I was spinning, and having yardage doubts about will be repurposed.

How something this evident escaped me shows that while I may be brilliant, I am not always smart. Perhaps it is a Universal Reminder to give others a break when they too, miss the blatantly obvious.


janel said...

I too had that feeling about vests until I had the same epiphany! Now I want to make a ribwarmer too. I think Wensleydale is a lovely choice.

Jennifer said...

Vests are making a comeback, and they look so cute with a buttoned blouse underneath.

Midnight2sticks said...

Hi Elysbeth!
First off, I want to say thanks for commenting on the SSK Podcast blog-we are trying to work out the sound issues. Isn't Stephanie HILARIOUS? She's the best.

2nd: I am slightly frightened because right before I checked the blog...I was LOOKING AT THE YARN GIRLS GUIDE TO BEYOND THE BASICS...for the hood!
Are you a Travelling Psychic???

Thanks again for listening-we promise we are working on the sound!


Peggy said...

I love epiphani(ies)(s)? Whatever, WOW I could have had a V8 thought!!!!! Is the Wensleydale you are contemplating the same you were spinning? It is beautiful. Can't wait to see it in progress.

ChelleC said...

I love vests, have always loved vests. Usually wear turtle neck sweaters under the vest in winter and short sleeve shirts in spring/summer. But I'm weird that way. I like that Zimmermann vest you're admiring. Can't wait to see you do it. Are you using some handspun yarn?